You know it too. The better your smart web page is written, the more you sell. Even the smallest detail can double your turnover. Now you may not hit the mark in one shot, but trust me, apply the tips you get in this article, and you can dramatically improve your sales through the smart web page.

Step 1 | Write good texts? Stop writing!

You will surely recognize yourself in it—conversations you have with others about your company. You want more customers, but you don’t really know-how. Once you’re at the table (smart web page), you’ll be fine.

How come?

Why do you succeed in attracting a customer better when you are sitting at the table than, for example, via a landing page?

This is because you communicate by talking instead of writing.

Do you want to use the same power that you use at the table in your texts? Then write as you speak.

Step 2 | Write as you talk

Sounds simple. Write as you talk.


In fact, it’s so simple that we don’t even pay attention to it.

Our brains learn processes and systems.

When we get into the car, we are automatically put in the “driver” position.

This also happens when writing texts.

You automatically enter writing mode, as it were so that you no longer communicate as you speak but as you learned it at school. It is precise all the rules and habits that hinder us from writing great texts.

Fortunately, we can do something about this.

How do you write the way you speak?

Don’t write at all.

Nowadays, we can do much more with our phones than play games such as Snake. In fact, chances are your phone has the most powerful tool for writing great lyrics.

Find a voice recorder on your phone or download an app for it.

If it doesn’t work with your smartphone, get a microphone and do it with your computer.

Turn on the recorder and tell about your product or service as if you were talking to the customer. Pretend you’re sitting at the table with a potential new client.

Now listen back to the recording and write down the sentences or catchphrases that appeal to you. Use these phrases or catchphrases in your text, and you will see that it makes your web page much more attractive.

Writing lyrics should be the same as talking only with extra time to choose the best words.

Step 3 | Write personally and actively

I recommend that you apply the following tip directly to your current texts.

In fact, it’s so simple that it will only take a few minutes per text, but it will make a huge difference.

Make your sentences personal and active.

Not “We offer….”


“You get…”

You want to get more revenue from your web texts. So you are looking for more money. Now money is a medium of exchange.

If I invest my money, I want to get something in return.

Although you mean the same thing, it comes across very differently. I’m not looking for what you have to offer, but what I get.

Are we turning into you, and you are already one step closer?

Step 4 | Provide the “How Benefits”

Most sales on your smart web page are filled with specs or parts, but not the benefits.

And what exactly is your customer looking for?

Indeed. The advantages.

A handy trick to apply this is the ‘how to benefits.’

How …. Ensures ….

How the website analysis ensures a better position in Google through easy and clear steps. Without the need for technical knowledge.

First name the advantage and then the product, and you are done.

Product: Website analysis

Advantage: Better position in Google – Without technical knowledge – Clear steps

Without technical knowledge, a better position Google by following the easy steps from the website analysis report.

Now in this example, I used a product. Even better is to use the parts or specifications. Use the elements that set you apart from the rest.

How 136 million metal particles create a unique metallic paint that is extra protected against scratches.

Benefit: Extra protection against scratches and a perfect metallic look

No more scratches and yet that unique metallic look with the renewed metallic X paint with 136 million metal particles.

Now I’ll give you two simple examples. I’m sure you can do this better, especially if you take longer than the minute I did.

We have already discussed the content of your web texts. Now there’s one more thing that’s extremely important to the success of your sales page.

The appearance!

Even without making substantive changes, you can increase your sales by adjusting the layout.

When laying out your web texts, it is important that you:

  • Use a clear call 2 action
  • Don’t let your visitor read (unnecessarily)
  • The right images used

Step 5 | A clear call 2 action

The most important thing about your sales page is that you get what you write for.

You don’t want your visitors just to read. You want them to do something.

And what should your visitors do?

If I now look at your sales page or landing page, is it immediately clear what I should do?

Should I call you, fill out a contact form or just read your text?

It may be logical that it is about the action, but is that also clearly visible on your page?

Make sure you ask your visitors for action in the right place. And no, you won’t make it with a screaming contact button á la Tell Sell. Guide your visitor through the process. Make them enthusiastic about your product or service and be clear about what you expect from them.

Don’t just randomly place a big, fat, and big button on your website, but think about the design. Any idea how best to do that? Get inspired with these conversion templates.

Step 6 | Don’t let your visitor read (unnecessarily)

The best thing you can do for your text is deleted and dash.

Delete unnecessary sentences. Be short and sweet and get to the heart of the matter.

The goal is not to get your visitors to read but to make them do something.

Map the behavior of your visitors via, for example, Hotjar.

Only use text that supports your goal.

Therefore, first, write your text in a notepad.

No, not in the notepad on your PC.

Just old-fashioned with pen and paper. Trust me; you are a lot more creative if you leave your PC alone while writing your texts.

Have you written your text? Then let it rest.

Reread your text the next day. Delete the sentences that are not really necessary and think about smart formatting.

A smart layout on your smart web page?

Which elements or pieces of text can you design differently?

Do you really need those chunks of text, or is it better to use an image, video, or bullet list?

The easier it becomes for your visitor to understand your text without reading it, the more you will sell.

Step 7 | The right images

Now, look at your text.

Which images would support your message?

Now please don’t think about those horrible stock photos where that sweet blond lady is a lawyer, doctor, dental assistant, and construction supervisor at the same time. Fortunately, our brain is not so retarded that a little dress-up makes us believe that we are immediately a supervisor with a helmet on.

Use images that convey the message you want to convey.

Think not only of photos but also of quality marks, screenshots, illustrations, and guiding elements.

Controlling elements?

Yes, everyone knows them. For example, showing an arrow or pointing a person with a call 2 action.

As a kid, I did it a lot: pointing up in the middle of the city to see how many people would be watching.

We influence the behavior of others through our behavior, appearance, or attitude. Place a pointing woman next to your call 2 action or show a concerned man if you want to hurt your visitors.

Our brain only needs a fraction of a second to understand emotion. With the right images, you send the emotions of your visitors. Take advantage of that.

Conclusion: This is how you write good texts on your smart web page

Now there are many more techniques to turn fewer visitors into more customers and increase your sales through your smart web page.

You can apply the tips you received today quickly and easily.

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