Do you want to know about Amazon owned website for book reviews? Book enthusiasts, we’ve come to the rescue: You’ve just finished reading a fantastic book and want to talk about it. What should you do? For book reviews, you may use Google or any other search engine. Several websites rank among the top 10 Amazon-owned book review sites.

Another possibility is that you’ve finished a book and are now seeking something to fill the void. You could desire either more of the same or something completely different. You’ll almost certainly search the Internet for trustworthy ratings and recommendations.

There are several alternatives. You can also lookup book review websites. Although there are many different ones, not all provide much variety. We’re here to help! Here are ten of the most popular Amazon owned website for book reviews. To satisfy the bookworm within you, we’ve compiled a list of top-rated websites for book reviews.

1.   BookBub

Review Style: Recommendations, star ratings, and community reviews for the US only.

BookBub is similar to Goodreads. BookBub, on the other hand, focuses on connecting readers with books that are relevant to them — which is why the site contains a lot of savings and bargains.

The value of ‘BookBub’ to its customers has given the site a strong author community. This is an excellent website to visit if you want to follow your favorite author. BookBub has just one problem: it only includes user reviews from Americans. To view them, you must first join up.

2.   NetGalley

Review Style: Spotlight reviews, member reviews, and star rating

The unique and innovative suggestions on offer from NetGalley are worth a look. They’re a platform that connects writers with readers looking to read and preview novels. Although the collection of books reviewed here isn’t extensive, it’s well worth your time.

At NetGalley, you may discover new books based on your preferences and read them before publication. Bookish is a book recommendation platform for readers. Here, staff reviewers provide updates on their most recent reads and views. Book club kits are available from Bookish that include comprehensive questions and discussion points to assist readers in interpreting the material more critically.

3.   Book Riot

Review Style: Recommendations and staff reviews

You’re likely a bookworm who has encountered Book Riot on numerous occasions. Although it does not evaluate each book, it does have rankings for different genres. Book Riot also offers many essays that delve into the psychological effects of certain books, whether they are driven, thrilled, or enraged. This is all you need to get started reading.

BookRiot offers podcasts that include discussions, reviews, and other material.

4.   Bookpage

Review Style: Reviews by professionals

All sorts of books – fiction, children’s books, and non-fiction as well as novels by famous authors and debuts – can be found on Bookpage. After considering the most important books and then recommending them to you, they arrive at their selections.

The content on this site is designed to satisfy the curiosity of book readers and provide a deeper understanding of the books they love. This is where you’ll want to be if you’re a book lover looking for like-minded others who enjoy reading. Of course, Bookpage is the best Amazon owned website for book reviews.

5.   SFBook Reviews

Review Style: Reviews by staff

SFBook Reviews is proof that those who believe in the false dichotomy of quality versus quantity haven’t looked. These five critics have two crucial objectives in mind. First and foremost, they wish to stay up with the newest sci-fi, fantasy, and horror books every year. Second, they want to provide thorough reviews for as many people as possible.

The team knows its SFF niches inside and out, and their insights are well regarded. Their reviews are pleasant and personal, and they offer book recommendations to assist you in making your decision.

6.   The Millions

Review Style: Reviews by guest and professional contributors

Are you seeking reviews that really delve into the themes, metaphors, and overall execution of high-brow and fascinating novels? You’ve come to the right place. This is the best Amazon owned website for book reviews.

A team of expert critics compiled these evaluations. They’re jam-packed with quotable lines, elegant analysis, and comparisons to other works. As a result, the number of reading recommendations you’ll get will be much higher! If you enjoy literary fiction and contemporary fiction, the place to go is the Millions.

7.   LoveReading

Review Style: Reviews by guests and staff

This website has a worldwide appeal. LoveReading is exclusively concerned with review sites. A staff of writers and carefully selected contributors ensures that the reviews are high quality. The team frequently reveals their personal reading experiences, giving their recommendations the warmth of a friend’s opinion. If you count giveaways as presents, you’ll get something!

Every category is there at LoveReading. You’ll never get bored when you’re reading because there are books in every genre. There are weekly, monthly, and annual lists to keep you occupied.

8.   Reedsy Discovery

Review Style: Recommendations, star ratings, community reviews (videos), and editorial reviews

If you’re searching for hidden gems, Reedsy Discovery has the solution. This blog covers all genres, from classics to current hits, but Discovery’s area of expertise is independent publications. Many of these are accompanied by brief comments from seasoned critics. There is no better method to broaden your horizons than this!

Discovery’s growing fan base may leave comments, give one-line evaluations, and even video reviews (call all Booktubers!) about almost any book if you want more creative and informal reviews. This is a fantastic way to enjoy your favorite novels and discover the most distinctive books available. I’ve ever seen. This book is the finest Amazon owned website for book reviews that I’ve ever watched.

9.   LibraryThing

Review Style: Recommendations, star ratings, and community reviews

This is the original online book catalog and discussion forum. Take a look to discover why it’s so old yet so effective. Like Goodreads, LibraryThing has millions of books users can add to their lists and rate with stars.

Although the interface seems to hark back to earlier internet days, LibraryThing still has the Zeitgeist’s hidden weapon. This page lists the site’s most important content, including the most popular books and most recent reviews. It is constantly updated. Readers appear to be proficient in reading between the lines and utilizing their words.

LibraryThing is the most fantastic site for exchanging creative ideas and concepts with other intelligent people. To use LibraryThing, you don’t even need an account.

10. Goodreads

Review Style: Star ratings and community reviews

Goodreads is a social site for book reviews, similar to Facebook. It’s the most incredible social platform for book worms. The following are examples of how you may use Goodreads: Create, organize, and discuss your virtual bookshelf with others through Goodreads.

Your interests will determine what books you should read on Goodreads. From Celeste Ng to Bill Gates, fellow writers and book influences have influenced you. You may see all their reviews, from a few lines to in-depth analyses. Then watch as fresh evaluations are added. The star rating they give the book is often a good indicator of its quality.

The site also keeps track of the most popular books in every area. Each year, the Goodreads Choice Awards honor the newest releases. You can vote for your favorite book or go through the list to discover a new one. You may leave comments and engage with other readers, so it’s great for all types of readers.

Verdict: Amazon owned website for book reviews

These ten sites will help you discover your book-loving community regardless of your tastes. Enjoy every site and let us know which Amazon owned website for book reviews you like the most! Here’s too stimulating TBR lists as well as well-nourished brains!

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