Looking for cute title ideas? Writing a catchy title is the most important part of copywriting. This is also the part where you can sometimes pull your hair out of your head.

You have been toiling on that beautiful new piece of content, your blog, your e-book, SEO text, or any other text. Now to ensure a catchy title.

A catchy title determines the behavior of your visitors or customers.

Are they going to read cute title ideas?

Whatever goal you have with your content, the title determines whether you will be successful.

In this article, I reveal the techniques conversion psychologists and neuro marketers use to develop titles that penetrate deep into the brain.

I’ll even reveal some examples that illustrate the power of a catchy title.

Are you ready for it?

Cute title ideas: The effect of a catchy title and how one extra word can double your turnover

Just one small word can change your business for the rest of your life. So, save this article to your favorites or take the time to read the complete article about cute title ideas. I guarantee that with the techniques I will reveal to you, you will write enchanting titles and that you will also drastically change your business.

Before I reveal all the techniques, I want to reflect with you on the power of a title.

Take the MOVEXA company.

It says “Natural Joint Relief Supplement.”

What do you think of the title?

That could be better. However?

What if I told you that only the word “Supplement” almost doubled the number of sales for Movexa?

Another company that has already experienced the power of a catchy title is L’axelle. By just changing the title, they almost doubled their conversion rate.

Imagine what doubling your conversion rate would mean for your business. A doubling means twice the sales. Twice the turnover!

Am I interested?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you change your title from today and thus double your turnover, the number of visitors, clicks, etc.?

With a title change, how has L’axelle doubled its sales?

“Feel fresh without sweat marks.”

Sounds like a great title. “Feel fresher without sweat stains.” Fortunately for L’axelle, they did not stop at this title and invested time in optimization.

The result?

By just changing the title to “End Sweat Stains,” they nearly doubled their conversion rate.

I hope that you are now convinced that it is good to pay attention to your titles. After all, there is a lot to be gained.

Profit is always good. However?

But what if you leave your titles for what they are. Then but not that extra profit.

If you ignore your titles, it will save you profit and ultimately lead to loss.

Actually, it would be best if you believed me when I say that a catchy title is good for your position in Google. But I do understand. It’s good to be critical. Your visitors are too.

When a searcher places a search query in Google, he will be presented with different search results. Hopefully, your website will be among those search results.

How does the searcher determine which search result he/she clicks on?

Okay, the position is important …

but more importantly .. is the title

Even so important that with a good title and a position 3, you can still get more visitors than the page that is number 1.

If Google notices that the visitor clicks on your search result more often than on the search results above you, Google will eventually place you higher in the search results.

Is it the other way around? Do visitors click more on the website of your competitors than …


Are you the one who drops in Google?

What makes a title catchy title? – 150,000 cute title ideas provide the answer

If you don’t believe me on my blue eyes, let “science” speak for me. Research by The Guardian, which analyzed 150,000 cute title ideas, has yielded a top 5 of what makes a title extra “catchy.”

1. Use the magic number 8

The research showed that titles containing 8 words have a 21% higher click-through rate. So think twice about your catchy title and the magic number 8 if you too want those extra clicks.

2. Use subtitles

According to The Guardian’s research, titles that used a subtitle perform 9% better than titles without subtitles.

3. Reinforce your title with an image

Pictures say more than a thousand words. At least that’s what they say. (One look says more than 1000 words)
It turns out that images do a lot more. An image attracts the attention of your visitor, which leads to an increase of 27% CTR.
Are you still looking for images for your website? Then check out our post on free royalty-free images.

  • CTR = Click Through Rate – the percentage of visitors who click on your link

4. Use lists, but not as you are used to

Lists work very well on the internet. It is therefore not without reason that we use titles such as:

  • 6 Powerful Ways of Persuasion
  • This way, you get to the top of Google in 8 simple steps
  • 7 Steps to Turn Visitors into Customers

If you are using a list, use odd numbers. So rather 7 tips than 8.

5. Just ask; it always works

According to the study, cute title ideas that ended with a question mark performed significantly better. Exclamation marks also seem to work well. Process 3, then it works even better.

Have you got some cute title ideas? Ready to improve your titles even further?

Have I gotten you excited about improving your titles?

Have you changed your title and seen results yet? Please share them here!

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