Do you want to know about the cute ways to write a title? A catchy title for your blog can make the difference between NO and MANY visitors. For example, in this article, you will learn the effect of a catchy title, how to make famous Dutch people work for you, and why you should scare visitors.

A catchy title makes the difference!

Now, as an online marketing psychologist, I, of course, have to make the titles of all my blogs catchy. But if you are like me, you will recognize that you do not have hours for your blogs, and therefore, you do not always take the time to come up with a catchy title.

It’s a shame!


It doesn’t matter what niche you are in; a catchy title determines whether people will read your article. And if you are looking for a catchy title for your blog, you even have to deal with several interests. Do you know how to write titles?

Besides the fact that a catchy title will bring you more visitors, it is also good for your Google position.

Why a catchy title is good for your position in Google

Actually, you should believe me when I say that a catchy title is good for your Google position, but I understand if you don’t just believe me in my blue eyes. It’s good to be critical. Your visitors are too.

When a searcher places a search query in Google, he will be presented with different search results. Hopefully, your website will be among those search results. How does the searcher determine which search result he/she clicks on?

Okay, the position is important, but more important is the title and meta description. Even so important that with a good title and a position 3, you can still get more visitors than the page that is number 1.

If Google notices that the visitor clicks on your search result more often than on the search results above you, Google will eventually place you higher in the search results.

Convinced you need a catchy title?

With the following tips, you make everything catchy. Here are some cute ways to write a title:

Football like Kluivert or get the figure of Jennifer Lopez. Associating your service or product with famous people evokes a sense of recognisability. If you can’t use famous people, use a persona.

“How I, as a 19-year-old student, earned more than my boss.”

Now a well-known person or company doesn’t have to have anything to do with your article.

For example, I could have chosen a title for this article like “How Steve Jobs Would Come Up with a Catchy Title.”

Smart marketers have been responding to our emotions for years. And they prefer to choose to scare consumers. This strategy comes from psychology and responds to the phenomenon we call loss aversion.

Loss aversion is the name for fear of loss. Think of offers like gone = gone, valid only today, or missing out on a big cash prize.

There is fear in every market. Research the biggest fear of your target audience and use it to create a catchy title. Let us see how to write titles.

So think of articles about: “Why… .. you…. costs ” “ How…. stands in the way of increasing your turnover.”

“How…. could mean your death ”.

Okay, I admit it… and a bit lackluster, but with a different color, your title really stands out? How to write headings for projects?

For more tips and tricks, click here.

Surely such a lame tip? No, this tip is widely used by well-known bloggers.

Especially when we peek at our American “neighbors.”

NOW I DO NOT mean that you have to write your title with your little finger on the shift, or in other words… your title does not get catchy when you stuff it with only capital letters.

What do I mean by using capital letters in your title?

Now view tip 2 and tip 4. Which one stands out more?

Suppose all goes well, tip 4. Tip 4 uses capital letters.

Capital letters have a strange effect on our brains. When our brain sees a word that starts with a Capital Letter, This Word will receive more Attention.

By capitalizing the most important words in your title, you help your customer’s brain filter the most important words.

With these first two tips, you don’t even have to dive into the content, but you can already get more attention from your readers. Now let’s take a look at the content.

You can see this in almost every advertising brochure—10% discount, 2 for the price of 1, etc.

By directly mentioning the benefit, you generate interest.

The benefit does not always have to be expressed in material value. State what the advantage is for the reader to read your text.

Social proof is a powerful form of persuasion based on people’s conforming behavior. Consider the story about the sheep. When there is one over the dam….

State the number of satisfied customers, successful projects, or successful actions.

Okay, we know we can scare our visitors. Closely related to fear is risk-taking.

It’s the insurance principle. The insurer makes you afraid of anything and everything and offers you an opportunity to prevent as many risks as possible.

You can also apply this insurance principle for a catchy title.

How to write headings for projects? Think about your visitors’ worst fears and help them avoid the risks.

“How you …. occurs with…. ”

“Why you better not …… if you….”

“How…. helps to prevent…. ”

“Are you making these… .. mistakes on/with you….?”

People love lists. We love it. We read them. Email them. They tweet. They like.

Talk about sharing. We really appreciate it if you share this article with your network.

So done sharing?

Where were we?

Oh yes, we were talking about using lists. Do you provide multiple tips, strategies or are you talking about other topics you could list in your article? Then use this for your title.

I am inquisitive by nature, and according to most psychologists, I am not alone.

We would like to know everything.

Especially the things that other people don’t know.

So try making a title like:

“The biggest secret of …….”

“A lot of people don’t know that … ..”

“What you didn’t know about….”

“What Everyone Should Know About …”

Some problems drive you crazy. For example, creating a catchy title; -.

If you know what problems your target group is facing, respond to them:

“Finally get that…. finished ”

“How… .. finally you…. improves ”

What sounds better?

Many people can benefit from …… Or

You can benefit greatly from….

Whether I’m talking about men or you, it makes a big difference. Therefore, make your titles personal.

Speak to people with JE or U or address an entire target group.

“4 online marketing techniques for a self-employed person” “How YOU today…. can change ”

Ready for the cute ways to write a title?

You have now received 12 tips to create a cute and catchy title (for your blog), and you have been so sweet to share this article with your network about the cute ways to write a title. However?

In any case, I would greatly appreciate it.

While we are sharing, have you already come up with a catchy title?

What brilliant title did you come up with, how did you come up with it, and maybe you have a tip that is not listed here? I like to hear from you.