Do you want to have a strong experience? Storytelling. It is everywhere. Everyone wants something with it, does something with it, or wants to convince others to do something. It does not only live with the communication professionals of this world. Every local initiative that wants to create ‘something’ with a brand experience also adds ‘something’ with storytelling. Why the hype?

Storytelling, an old hype that still contributes to brand experience

Storytelling has been ‘hot’ for centuries. We have been telling stories since we existed. Stories bring people together. It literally used to be, together with around the fire. Telling Grandpa’s exploits. The traditions, the shared family values ​​create a bond and connection.

In this way, you create unity and unity. The fire of the past is now an online platform. Even now, it is all about sharing, connecting, and passing on. The grandfather of that time is now the company or brand.

The heroic deeds are motives and dreams: pain and Passion. In short, the elements in a good story are still the same.

The risks of telling your corporate story

Sharing and passing on, it’s the expletives that make marketing departments embrace storytelling and include it in their content plans.

Because who doesn’t want the story of the brand or company to be shared? But is everyone going to remember and tell every story indiscriminately?

No. Only the good stories have a chance.

When does your corporate story become a good brand experience?

My first advice: you don’t have to come up with a good story; that is already there. Why did you start your company, what were your motives, what were your dreams? In short, the ‘why’ of your company or brand.

Get that story. A good story is correct, is alive, is real, contains pain and passion. It shows who you are, why you are the way you are, why you do the way you do.

Besides, it enriches the vision and mission with humanity and genuineness. It fuels the fire of your organization and brand.

The STORY is the basis; TELLING contributes to the brand experience

As I indicated, sharing and passing on are expletives for the storyteller. A story is valuable when it is shared and passed on. And the more it is shared, the more valuable the story.

But what is the value of a story? With a story, you provide information about your company or brand. You enrich and enliven the image. Better image = better turnover? That is a different story.

Sales are so 1990. We are going from sell to tell. For the profiling of your company, it is like ‘riding a bicycle downhill.’

You now know how to ensure that you apply storytelling correctly and how your corporate story contributes to your target group’s brand experience. Good luck with your corporate story!