So, you’re interested in becoming a writer to make a living out of it. Do you know how to strengthen writing skills?

Yes, I’m a writer. So, because I now make a living as a writer, I consider myself a professional writer!

If you want to work in online writing, make sure your writing abilities are up to snuff…incredible, exceptional!

Yes, you can be a freelance writer with no prior experience, but there are indeed ways to improve your writing abilities if you haven’t written much. However, you’re considering how to boost your writing abilities.

Anyone from anywhere globally can do this, but they must be able to effectively write in English and communicate clearly and fluently with an internet audience.

I’m not a great writer, but I know how to craft compelling content that my customers love. To assist you as a beginning writer, here are some helpful writing methods to use in your writing process so you can become a better writer.

How to Strengthen Writing Skills as a Beginner?

Here are some easy steps on how to strengthen writing skills as a beginner:

1.     Write Every Day

The most helpful writing advice I can offer you is to write every day. To become a better writer, you must practice writing. Is it possible for you to write about anything? Yes, it is.

I write about various subjects on several blogs, ranging from pregnancy tips to parenting methods to budgeting strategies to freelancing skills.

The fact that I’m producing online content on various themes helps me maintain my writing abilities and acquire more expertise in writing for an internet audience. As a beginner or freelance writer, it’s probably best by writing in your field daily.

It might assist you in developing your writer portfolio while also enhancing your overall writing ability.

Writing social media posts is another approach to do it every day. If you have a Twitter or Facebook account, start producing a post a day and filling it with two or three sentences about what you’re advertising or engaged in. It may help you develop your writing skills and cut down on your words to make them fit a social media post.

2.     Make an Outline

Creating an outline of everything you write is one of the most effective methods to enhance your writing abilities. It is especially true if you get a freelance writer position.

Clients want a clear and thorough post, so having an outline might assist you in ensuring that you include everything your customer requires.

I consider what I want to write about and establish subtopics before I begin writing. You may get further assistance by looking at how other freelance writers and bloggers structure their writing processes.

3.     Determine What to Write About

All right. Reading may also help you improve your writing abilities, which many of you are aware of. Freelance writers face the same difficulties as other people who write for a living do. If you read what you want to write about—your writing speciality—you’ll become a better writer in general.


You’ll be more familiar with your niche. You’ll also get opinions from other bloggers and writers on your subject. What do they have to say about the popular health food known as Keto bombs?

I read everything there is to know about freelancing and blogging when I began as a freelance writer.

I studied HOW each blog entry was composed, how they structured their phrases and their language in my writing.

4.     Use Simple Words

Please keep it simple. You may sound more innovative if you use complicated phrases, but that’s not the case. Writing for the internet should be at a 4th-8th grade reading level. That’s exactly right!

There’s no need to produce a blog article similar to your thesis paper for college. In fact, it’s doubtful that writing one will assist you in acquiring more visitors or clients.

It’s also better to avoid those big, fancy words when you write. When you write using simple yet effective terms, it seems as if you’re speaking rather than texting. It’s almost as though you’re writing without any slang or ums.

5.     Communicate Your Message Easily

Clients want engaging, well-written copy that will effectively convey their message.

As a piece of writing advice, you should remember that if you’re trying to communicate with your customer, it’s vital to do so in as simple and succinct terms as possible. It implies not being overly wordy when describing things.

Now, don’t get me wrong – I’ve been known to be a bit wordy in my writing, but I feel I make up for it with how simple it is for me to express myself.

That is why it’s critical to complete the first draft. Write and then set it aside for a while.

You must invest time into converting that first draft into the piece you’ll submit to your customer. It might imply excising entire sections or altering viewpoints.

6.     Avoid Filler Words

These words, such as really, that, very, merely, truly, etc., are nothing more than filler.

There are no additional phrases required in your sentences unless they are for the purpose. I try not to use those extra filler words, but I still edit my work and search for all of them before publishing it!

I’m sure I’m not a good writer. Because I didn’t get an English degree, for one thing, but that hasn’t stopped me from earning money as a writer! If I may, so can you!

There’s a delicate balance between using enough words to get your point across. It will take some time to master, but it will help you improve as a new writer.

7.     Keep Paragraphs and Sentences Short

I like to write one-sentence paragraphs in my blog posts.

Because of this, you – the reader – will find it simple to comprehend my article. If you want to become a freelance author and create online content, try shortening your paragraphs and sentences.

Make your writing easy in the eyes of online users who have short attention spans!

8.     Invest in a Writing Tool

I use Grammarly for all of my online editings. It’s my go-to editing software and has helped me fine-tune my writing, from blog articles to customer pieces to social media posts and more.

An editing tool is one of the tools you’ll need as a freelance writer.

You may believe you need a copy editor like your spouse or friend, but I suggest investing in an editing tool.

For me, I use Grammarly to edit my writing, then have my friend read it as the final read-through.

9.     Simply Write

Simply writing is all you need to do. The first step in helping you improve your writing is to write and keep on writing simply. Try not to edit while you write (I still do this) and allow your creative juices to flow wild. After creating my outline, it’s a lot easier for me to just put everything down on paper.

Since I blog every day, I am accustomed to producing a lot, and it’s getting easier and more accessible for me to… simply write!

Spend More Time on Your Introduction and Headline

Taking the time for your introductions is one of the most remarkable ways to enhance your writing abilities.

The headline and opening of your post will be the first impression they get on social media or as soon as they click over to your Google or other sites.

You don’t have to be so arrogant with your headlines to have a fantastic one.

What I enjoy doing with my headlines is to:

  • The more enticing the headline, the better it is. Use juicy words (e.g., fantastic, brilliant, fast, easy, quick, simple) – these are superlatives and adjectives that you may use in your headline to get more click-throughs.
  • Highlight the value – What will people get from your post? For this one, it’s about how to strengthen writing skills and abilities.
  • Identify a target – for many of my headlines; I know who this post is written for: novices, freelancers, new bloggers, and so on.

Other factors to consider when creating your headline:

  • Using best, top
  • Calling it a comprehensive guide or ultimate guide
  • Year
  • Numbers

Now, to keep a reader interested and entice them to continue reading, you can utilize bucket brigades. A bucket brigade maintains the momentum while also raising the intrigue level.

So, “I know what you’re thinking….” may appear to be.

Isn’t this what makes you want to read on? That’s the strength of a bucket brigade in your opening. It may also be used as the opening sentence.

Create an Account and Begin Writing!

It’s never been easier to start a blog or become a freelance writer. Isn’t it fantastic? That’s all about how to strengthen writing skills.

Please let me know your best writing advice for other freelance writers to improve as writers! Here is the link to my YouTube channel.