How to write a blog post fast? Your blog is online, time to write! You may not be completely satisfied with your first blog posts, but by writing a lot, you will really get better! Sounds like a lot of work and it is! Usually, I work 2 hours on one blog post and then I haven’t done anything about the formatting and optimization.
In addition to the writing style, the content is very important. So you don’t just write a killer blog post. Here is a blog post outline. Don’t waste too much time coming up with a unique topic, sometimes it’s better to write about an existing topic!

Everyone wants to be an authentic blogger

As a blogger, it is important that you stand out. This can be by taking the most beautiful photos, writing your blog posts in a funny way or coming up with original topics. It is important that you bond with your reader and that you appear credible. Is your writing style mainly serious or are you a disaster with the camera? Then this is no problem either. As long as you are/stay authentic!

So what does this authenticity mean? How to write a blog post fast? It’s pretty easy to rewrite a popular article and pretend it’s all yours, but there’s another way to blog. It is better to write about popular topics and add something of your own. Think of an element that makes your blog post special, such as your personal opinion on a topic or a piece of research that you have conducted yourself. An authentic blogger will have more readers because his blog posts have never been written that way before. In addition, you are a source of inspiration for other bloggers and how nice is that?

Add something that is your own to each blog post. An idea, your own opinion or a better elaboration of the subject. As long as it is new and striking.

A killer blog post should be shareable

A killer blog post wouldn’t be a killer blog post if it wasn’t shared. So your blog post should be about a popular topic that people want to talk about. For the blog post outline, there are 2 ways to investigate this:

  • Check out your favorite blogs on a similar topic. Which articles get a lot of comments, are often shared on Twitter and have multiple likes on Facebook? Choose an article that you have something to say about it so that you can give it your own twist.
  • Do you know few blogs that are about your topic? Google the keywords you want to be found to see which other blogs write about these topics.

Play on emotions!

Once you’ve found a suitable topic, you also need to make sure that you write the article in such a way that people want to share it. You do this by acting on emotions. Make readers curious, make them laugh, surprise or create interest. When you reach one of these 4 options, someone will be more likely to share your killer blog post.

It’s not about you, it’s about the reader

At first, many bloggers don’t quite get it! Blog posts should be written for the reader. Even if you don’t have any readers yet, it’s important that you stick to it. An internet user searches end up on your blog and read the articles. They have a certain expectation/goal and on your website they want this to be saturated. If you only write for yourself, you will not reach the reader and you will notice that your own goal (more readers) is not achieved. How do you ensure that you reach your readers through a blog post outline? Readers have questions and you may be able to answer these questions. For example, provide information about a product that someone would like to buy or help someone plan fun days during the holiday.

Readers have questions, make sure YOU answer them!

There is a target group for every topic, but you have to find it! Once you’ve reached your target audience with your blog post, stick with this topic as well (if you like it enough). If you write about a completely different topic (from beauty to sports), existing readers may drop out. The new topic is not what they came for.

Is the article optimized for search engines?

How to write a blog post fast? In addition to these 3 comprehensive points, there are many more tips that will help you write a great blog post. You can think of spelling, the layout, the language itself, but also the findability of your blog post. A killer blog post should also be optimized for search engines. Would you like to know more about search engine optimization (SEO) and the correct formatting for a blog post, then I advise you to follow the mini blog course!

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