Do you know how to write good topic sentences for a paragraph?

A topic sentence is essential for each paragraph in your paper. The topic sentence sums up the paragraph’s subject. It should include two key elements:

  • The paragraph’s central point
  • The paragraph’s topic

You must return to your topic sentence and develop it further with evidence and examples.

To construct a well-structured argument, you may also use your topic sentences to link smoothly between paragraphs and illustrate the connections between your points.

Write Good Topic Sentences for a Paragraph

You must write good topic sentences for a paragraph. Topic sentences aren’t the first or last thing you write, and you’ll create them as you go along. Follow these guidelines to ensure that every topic sentence and paragraph in your paper supports your argument.

Step # 01: Write a Thesis Statement

The primary step in creating your topic phrases is to make sure you have a solid thesis statement. The thesis statement summarizes the paper’s goal and reasoning.


Food is an increasingly major environmental problem, and human influence on the environment necessitates a global reorientation in food production and consumption.

Step # 02: Create an Outline and Start Working on Topic Sentences

Following that, you should sketch your essay’s structure, planning what you want to say in each paragraph and what evidence you’ll utilize.

You may create a topic sentence for each paragraph that sums up the central point you want to express. The topic sentences should be more particular than the thesis statement, but they must always be directly linked.


Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that the meat industry has a significant environmental impact.

Step # 03: Support with Evidence

The rest of the paragraph should logically follow the topic sentence, adding more information with argumentation, examples, or evidence. This helps keep your paragraphs on track: everything you write should be relevant to the main idea stated in the topic sentence.

You could cite relevant research papers and statistics that support your assertion about the meat industry’s overall influence in the above example.

Step # 04: Refine the Topic Sentences

The majority of the time, simple statements begin as topic sentences. However, it’s critical to edit them as you go, ensuring that they align with each paragraph’s content.

A good topic sentence should be detailed enough to provide a clear sense of what is expected from the paragraph but general enough that it does not give all of the information away. It’s like a signpost: it should indicate where your argument is heading in terms of direction.

You may also use topic sentences to create smooth transitions and strengthen your writing by making sure the connections between your paragraphs are logical and clear.

How to Write Topic Sentences as Transitions in Paragraphs?

Begin each topic sentence by asking yourself how this point relates to what you just said in the preceding paragraph. It’s often beneficial to use transition phrases in your topic sentences to demonstrate the relationship between your ideas. It’s all about how to write good topic sentences for a paragraph.

Expand and Emphasize

The topic sentence may use words that imply emphasis or resemblance if the paragraph goes into further explanation or offers another example to make the same point (furthermore, for example, also, in fact, indeed).

Indeed, cattle ranching is one of the primary contributors to global climate change.

Anticipate and Summarize

The topic sentence can summarize the prior paragraph and anticipate the new information presented in this one if the paragraph shifts to a different aspect of the same subject.

While beef has the most significant footprint, other animal products also have substantial environmental effects on greenhouse gases, water usage, and land use.

Contrast and Compare

Suppose the paragraph dwells on a difference or conflict. In that case, the topic sentence may contain words that accentuate those differences or conflicts (for example, yet, however, on the other hand, but, in contrast).

However, the environmental consequences of dietary choices are not always straightforward; in some situations, small-scale farming is more sustainable than plant-based food production.

You may also create contrast or complicate your argument by stating the topic sentence as a query.

Is veganism the only way to go, or are there more environmentally friendly methods for producing meat and dairy?

Topic Sentences Introducing More than One Paragraph

There are times when a topic sentence may be used to introduce several paragraphs at once.

All of the above examples address the environmental effects of meat-eating versus veganism. They make up one coherent portion of a larger argument. Therefore the first paragraph could use a topic sentence to introduce the whole section.

Food is an increasingly major environmental problem, and human influence on the environment necessitates a global reorientation in food production and consumption. Studies have repeatedly demonstrated that the meat industry has a significant environmental impact.

Where Does the Topic Sentence Go?

The topic sentence generally starts a paragraph, although it may appear later to signal a shift in the paragraph’s argument.

Given the evidence that the meat industry has a detrimental influence on the environment, veganism appears to be the only environmentally responsible choice for customers. However, environmental costs of dietary choices are not always straightforward; in some circumstances, small-scale farming is more sustainable than plant-based production.

In this example, the first sentence summarises the primary point that has previously been made. The topic sentence then informs the reader that this paragraph will discuss evidence that confounds or contradicts the central assertion.

In more complicated or creative academic writing, you may experiment with placing topic sentences at various points in your arguments to build suspense and give your points more strength. However, if you’re unsure, the simplest approach to keep your paper simple and focused is to start the paragraph with a topic sentence.

FAQs About Topic Sentences

What is a topic sentence?

A topic sentence is a statement that sums up the fundamental idea of a paragraph. The rest of the paragraph should be used to support the main point.

Why are topic sentences essential?

Topic sentences assist in keeping your writing focused and help your reader follow your argument.

Each paragraph in an essay or paper should be about a single concept. You can clarify what the paragraph is about for both the reader and yourself by stating the main idea in the topic sentence.

What is the default position of a topic sentence in a paragraph?

The topic sentence generally appears at the beginning of the paragraph.

However, suppose you want to summarize what was said in prior paragraphs. In that case, you can start with a transition sentence that traces out the focus of the current paragraph. It is then followed by the main subject statement that focuses on what will be discussed in future paragraphs.

What are some examples of good topic sentences?

Assume you’re composing a five-paragraph essay on the environmental consequences of dietary decisions. Here are three samples of excellent topic sentences for each of the three body sections:

  1. According to studies, the meat industry has harmful environmental effects.
  2. However, many plant-based products are manufactured in unsustainable ways.
  3. It’s crucial to think about not just what sort of diet we consume, but also the source and method of its production.

Each one of these statements contains a single primary idea. When they are arranged in order, we may see the essay’s overall structure at once. Each paragraph will expand on a topic sentence with additional information, arguments, and evidence relevant to the stated subject.

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