Once the topic of online marketing comes up, it doesn’t take long for the latest marketing automation services, strategies and techniques to be reviewed.

From advertising to setting up a content strategy and fully focusing on your social media. In all this violence, email marketing often remains a neglected child.


In this blog, we show you why email marketing is still of inestimable value and on the basis of which marketing automation services and techniques you can optimally respond to the most current customer needs.

Segment your target audience and personalize messages

Do you still provide your regular customer base with a standard e-mail on a monthly or weekly basis to which little or no personal attention has been paid? Then an introduction with the latest techniques is no superfluous luxury.

We live in a world where the introduction of self-driving cars and trips to the moon are not long in coming. Then why would email marketing be at a standstill for years?

The behavior that we exhibit online en masse every day reveals our preferences. They provide enormously valuable input, which can be fully utilized by using marketing automation.

This technique enables you to redistribute your customer base into segments on the basis of that data in order to be able to respond in detail to the (at that time) prevailing customer needs.

The greater the source of information you are able to collect, the better you will be able to deliver the most relevant messages at the right time.

By using this information with integrity, you find out which phase people are currently in and what helps them to get to the next phase in a purchase decision.

Take advantage of site tracking and implement it in your marketing automation services mix.

Do you like to take everything to an even higher level? Then let your email marketing penetrate your entire marketing mix and use site tracking to follow the displayed behavior of your visitor step by step.

After a visitor has downloaded a manual, checklist, or something else to your site, site tracking shows you all the next steps he or she takes on your website.

Does this not lead to the intended conversion in the first instance?

No worries.

Based on this input, you can perform re-target campaigns quickly, easily, and effectively via Facebook, Instagram, and/or Google Ads, based on a complete marketing automation services mix.

What then works best for your visitors, you can test by setting up A / B tests.

Play with the subject and the content to find out what works and what doesn’t. The results that come from this are extremely valuable. Not only for your email campaigns but also on all your other platforms.

With this valuable data you have gold in your hands. You put yourself in a pole position to serve every visitor as focused and helpful as possible. Especially if you succeed in automating this process.

All the time and effort that you have invested in this for months on end continues to pay off continuously.

Pay attention to your email marketing and get started with the data

So. What are you gonna do about marketing automation services?

Stop randomly sending non-personalized newsletters

Check whether you can use site tracking, split testing, and marketing automation through your current system.

Segment your target group based on the prevailing customer needs and the phase they are in at that moment and help them to the next phase

Connect your system to Facebook and google ads and infiltrate your email marketing into your entire marketing mix.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice of all, don’t let the technical sound of it all discourage you.

In a world where we can fly to the moon, nothing is impossible.


Come on!

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