Why your website design is costing you, customers, every month? Does your website suffer from ‘visitors, no customers’? You are at the top of Google, but you hardly sell anything. That has a special reason, which happens more often. When was the last time you changed the design of your website?

In this article, you’ll discover that content is the start, but the design does the rest. Some minor design changes resulted in 93.71% more buyers, 89% more leads, 19.7% more sales, and 232% more leads for four websites. I’ll show you what adjustments created this.

A different web design and immediately 93.71% more visitors ready to buy

From conversion research and behavioral analysis, it became clear that the visitors of LYYTI repeatedly visited the page ‘features’ and ‘prices.’ And all this in the same session.

In other words…

The page was not clear.

Although little has changed in the content, the redesign has had a huge impact.

89% more leads with a simple conversion web design trick

One of the strongest marketing techniques in psychology is a technique from NLP: future pacing. With future pacing, you let your customers see into the future, and what better way to do that than with the help of images.

Looking at the images below, which design do you think works best?

Leave your answer in the comments, and I will send you the answer.

Not quite convinced yet?

Well, one more example then.

How Wrong Web Design Causes Analysis Paralysis

Analysis Paralysis, or in less expensive words, choice stress.

A powerful psychological process that we have all experienced.

As a little boy or girl, you stand in front of a giant candy box, and you can only have one candy from mom. You suddenly get stressed. What if you don’t choose that one perfect candy?

As a solution, you decide to carefully consider all options and stare at the candy box for at least an hour, whereupon your mother, annoyed, increase the pressure a bit.

After some ranting from your mother, you finally make your choice. Even now that you have made your choice, you still doubt whether it is the right one.

You can also find this choice stress online.

The strategy most people choose is not to neatly divide their candy into categories and easy-to-pick packages. They give us back that stress feeling of the gigantic candy box.

“Look, dear customer, what I have for you.”

It is actually the same as if the supermarket were to put all products on one shelf.

Trust me; you’ll be screaming mad.

What is the solution?


Which version do you choose?

If you have taken into account the choice stress of visitors, then you have probably chosen the first variant.

The result?

  • 8.5% lower bounce rate
  • 10.9% more conversions
  • 11.4% more transactions
  • 19.7% more turnover

The examples of the effect of a permanently changed website are endless. It is, therefore, such a shame that many entrepreneurs leave their websites at a standstill.

They approve your website design and then let it sit for months or years. Of course, not everyone has the right technical skills or the budget to outsource it continuously, but that is unnecessary.

In fact, with a piece of software, you can get rid of everything. Well, more on that later.

They change a picture and a button and get 232% more leads

Now imagine how many customers you would miss out on if you actually got almost 2.5 times as many leads through your website for months in a row?

I don’t know what I would do, but I do know that with a bad taste and feeling cramped behind my e, I find out that I was missending out on a huge amount of turnover for months.
And certainly, if I would discover that adjusting an image and button would have solved it.

It would help if you did not think that you have been standing still with your website for months or years because you like the design so much while something else works better.

It’s good to work on marketing your website. Sending more visitors there, but…

In the end, it’s not about your visitors; it’s about your customers.

If you want more success with your website, let your website grow with you.

Let your website design grow with you.

Changing or customizing your website design should be a luxury decision, not an obligation.

Nowadays, you don’t have to be stuck with an expensive web designer, a technical website, or a standard theme.

You have seen in the examples that changing a little design can mean a doubling of your turnover.

Wouldn’t it, therefore, be much more convenient if you were in control yourself? That you can easily adjust your website without having to wait, spend hours, or spend hundreds to thousands of euros?

Fortunately, all that is possible.


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