Do you think writing and managing website content is easy? Writing catchy texts is a combination of responding to emotions, the right structure, and the right choice of words. Writing clear, appealing, and catchy texts is difficult. How do you put each word in exactly the right place, which words do you use exactly, and how do you ensure that you do not make the mistake that many entrepreneurs make?

In this article, you will discover compelling techniques for writing catchy texts. Combine this knowledge with the tips on writing SEO texts, managing website content  , and getting higher in Google?

Your visitors do not read your catchy web text!

It’s a common mistake. A mistake that even experienced writers make. Before you start writing your (catchy) text, what do you think about it? If you believe the many blogs, keep your potential customer in mind before you start writing. And yes, there is some truth to this, but this is exactly where most are already going wrong.

Your visitors don’t read!

Reading articles on the internet can  NOT  be compared to reading a newspaper, for example.

On the internet, we are fleeting, impatient, and less focused. This means that you, as a writer, have less time and less opportunity to convince your visitor.

We are so used to fleeting and impatient reading that our brains even begin to change. Neuroscientist Maryanna Wolf, who already covered the subject in her book  Proust and the Squid, is very pessimistic about the consequences of digital reading.

Because of the internet, people no longer read from page to page but jumpy.

If you want to score well with your web text, make sure you respond to the jumpy reading behavior of your visitors.

So your visitors don’t read! What now?

If your visitors don’t read, how can you convince them to take the desired action?

To convince your readers, you will need to know what motivates them in their choice process and learn how to consider their online behavior. This is how  Robert Cialdini describes  7 ways of persuasion.

4 Ways of persuasion, that’s how you make texts catchy while managing website content 

Reciprocity as 1 of the 4 ways of persuading

Reciprocity works according to a certain point system. If I help you, then you give me several social points.

You feel that you have a debt to me. You want to settle this feeling of guilt by doing something for me too.

Responding to reciprocity is precisely the reason that we get mints in a restaurant.

Research has shown that giving away a peppermint (at the bill) increases the tip by 3%.

If you are given two minutes, the tip will increase by 14%.

Apart, don’t you think?

But it gets worse.

If the waiter first gives you 1 peppermint and later comes back with “because you are so nice, here an extra peppermint,” then the tip increases by 23%

What can’t you earn with a few minutes?

Just in between … Language is essential for writing catchy texts!

Consistency as 1 of the 4 ways of persuading

You know them, those bellmeps who bother you during dinnertime with simple questions such as, are you… .., do you live on… .. do you….

They don’t just do this.

We like to stick to our opinion or answer. If we say “yes” once, we want to remain consistent. So 1 time, “yes” means several times “yes.”

This is also evident from research.

The residents of two streets were asked to place an enormous ugly (and large) sign in the garden with the message “drive carefully.”

On street 1, 83% refuse to place the sign. This is in contrast to street 2, where only 27% refused to place the sign.

How can this be explained?

A few weeks before the request to place a large sign, the people from street 2 had already agreed to place a small sign. When asked two weeks later to place a large sign, they remained consistent with their previously given answer and agreed to the request.

Sympathy as 1 of the 4 ways of persuading

The famous “gun factor”… who doesn’t know it?

We do not do business with products. We do business with people. If you have ever experienced an acquisition conversation, you know how important it is to build a relationship with your conversation partner.

While you don’t have to make new friends for life, ultimately, the relationship will largely determine whether you get a signature on that quote at the end.

In fact, sympathy is so strong that it nearly doubles the success rate.

Let me explain this from an investigation.

Group A (all students from a business school) were sent out with the message “time is money.” This group managed to convert 55% of the conversations into a signed quotation.

Not wrong… But….

Group B (also all students from a business school) was sent out, but now with the assignment to make room for a social chat and a relationship before the negotiation.

What turned out?

90% managed to reach an agreement.

Reading tip! Also, check out the article on building a relationship with potential customers!

Scarcity as 1 of the 4 ways of persuading

Scarcity has determined the value of goods and products throughout our lives. If we all had a money tree in our garden, do you think we could still pay with money?

The less there is of something, the more we want it.

How do I write catchy text for the web?

Okay, now you know which 4 ways of persuading there are. But how do you take the online reading behavior of your visitors into account?

You will have to get rid of the lessons you used to get from your teacher because writing on the internet has different rules.

Internet users are impatient, easily distracted, and quite critical.


Yes, no matter how good the content is or how you prefer managing website content, you will still miss your visitors if you don’t have a pleasant layout.
Therefore write short paragraphs. Use enough blank lines and make your text attractive to the eye.

Hasty, impatient, and easily distracted…. However?

Start with a BANG.

Show that your visitor is wise to calm down.

Show what value they get. So no insipid introductions or beautiful stories beforehand, no straight to the point.

Bang from the start!

If your visitor quickly reads your text or maybe even skims it, what do you think he/she pays attention to? Exactly. The cups!

The headings determine whether your visitors read the corresponding block of text. With the right headings, you allow your visitors to skip pieces of text.

While managing website content, have you written an important piece of text that no visitor should miss?

Then use catchy cups.

Make them curious, build up the tension and convince them that they really shouldn’t miss this block of text. If there is a part in your catchy text with an explanatory function (so not every visitor needs to read it), make sure that your heading immediately explains what the piece of text is about.

Now catchy headlines help make your text more convincing. Did you know that your text’s headlines are also an important part of on-site search engine optimization, and Google loves it?

Catchy texts don’t waste space while managing website content!

I prefer to write my catchy texts for the internet on paper in an old-fashioned way.


I miss the backspace in my notebooks. The backspace (or delete button) is almost the most powerful weapon you can have as a web text writer. A weapon that I prefer to use at the end. Plus  , a weapon that prevents you from getting a writing pad.

How so?

A promotional text radiates passion.

Most entrepreneurs we coach have no trouble closing the deal once at the table. They find it difficult to write their texts so that they turn visitors into customers.

The big difference is in the passion. When you sit at the table, there will come a moment when your passion starts to bubble. You, as an entrepreneur, have put your passion into work. And passion is something contagious.

Passion makes others enthusiastic; it takes people to a different energy level; passion is convincing!

Do you want to put more passion into your lyrics? Then delete the backspace.

Write in full.

Put everything on paper that you can say about your product. Use the words that your customers use a lot. Write down the solutions that come up again and again.

In short, write down everything, but really everything you can tell about your product or service, and don’t let the backspace button stop you!

Do you immediately get a catchy text? No! But….

You did use the most powerful weapon for the last time.

If you have written pieces of text about your product or service, then you have an enormous amount of input that you can use to make your text attractive. Now use the backspace button to delete pieces of text or words.

Have you removed all unnecessary?

Put your article away. Sleep on it and delete the pieces of text that are unnecessary or do not contribute to the message.

Use bullet points to make your text extra catchy.

While managing website content, don’t forget to use bullets. Bullet points ensure that your texts:

  • Getting clear
  • Be easier to scan
  • Looking less overwhelming

Managing Website Content: Choose a font that your brain accepts

No matter how beautiful some websites look, they completely miss the mark. A good font naturally matches the corporate identity of your website and is incorporated in your corporate identity manual. But a good font is more than just the type of font you choose.

Behind the perfect font (read: the style of text) hides a large dose of psychology.

What your brain does with the text

Surprisingly, the font of a text has such an impact on our brain. In fact, research shows that our judgment changes significantly when only the font changes. All these things can be done while managing website content.

The study consisted of two test groups. One group was instructed with an easy-to-read font, and the other group received the same instruction, only with a hard-to-read font.

What turned out?

The first group stated that the text was easier to read, but they also expected to perform the exercise in more than 40% less of the time.

For your texts, use a font that is easy to read and make sure you use the correct size. The default size of 12 can be 14 or maybe even 16. You can easily choose and test your font via Webnemer. Well! You edit your website exactly as the visitor sees your website.

You don’t get a catchy text with words alone.

A persuasive text does not always have to be appealing only through the words that have been used. You certainly miss non-verbal communication on the internet. And let the non-verbal communication determine the communication for 93%. However, opinions are divided on this.

Non-verbal communication adds intonation and emotion to your message. To fill the gap of non-verbal communication in your texts, you can use the 1000-word technique.

What is the 1000 word technique?

One look… .. says more than 1000 words!

Do you want to convey emotion? Then use images. Images make your page more interesting and attractive and can even guide behavior.

Do you need new inspiration, or do you want some different images on your website?

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