Do you want to know the purpose of coordinating conjunctions? When you are talking to someone, the way you say something is more important than the message itself. A rule that is well known and will not produce a shock effect.

Online it works differently.

How often do you think about your communication towards your customers and the word choices you make on your website? All copywriters, salespeople, poets, and other writers experience daily the impact of omitting, adding, or modifying a single word.

In this blog, you will discover the added value of the right word choices and the omission of dangerous conjunctions, along with the purpose of coordinating conjunctions.

What are conjunctions, and how do you avoid the dangerous ones?

If you know the purpose of coordinating conjunctions in a text, you can connect two sentences. Because, because, and so are just a few examples of words with this particular power.

Conjunctions can be related to time, a reason, exception, comparison, purpose, choice, recommendation, or a condition and therefore certainly of value.

Putting each sentence as powerfully as possible requires a critical look. What does the word ‘certain’ in the sentence above add?

Leave it out if you don’t have the answer to this question. Scan all your current texts in this critical way to optimize their persuasiveness.

Put your word choices to the test

Everyone is put together differently.

This makes acquired response to specifically chosen words never completely predictable. However, it is easy to discover a pattern.


The achieved CTR and conversion rate always speak volumes.

In addition, it is effortless to test by experiencing the impact the words have on yourself. Then test online whether your audience shares this feeling and map the results.

Writing on your website based on the story is a common mistake. Your visitor is not interested in what YOU have to offer but in what THEY get.

Are you guilty of that first variant? Adjust this and let the consequences positively amaze you. In addition to a careful choice of words, your website’s conversion rate can be optimized with a conversion-oriented web design.

Your choice of words makes the difference in your call to action with the purpose of coordinating conjunctions. 

You write the texts for your new website. Just a text in your call to action button, and there you go!

‘More information’ or ‘Continue,’ which one do you prefer?

There is a good chance that the first variant appeals to you more.

Where one offers answers, the other text raises questions. Continue to where?

A switch from the second to the first version, however small, resulted in a 14.14% increase in CTR and a 5% increase in the number of leads.

Let’s start!

Are you going to work with your website texts with the purpose of coordinating conjunctions, and do you not hit the mark right away?

No reason to panic.

There is always room for improvement of a website.

Include the mentioned tips in your communication to your visitors, and don’t give up until you have your personal golden formula in your hands.

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