Do you want to know the importance of about us page? Or how to write an about us page? The ‘About us page is a frequently viewed page of your website. Take a look at your statistics, and you will see that most of your visitors are visiting. This is the page where you say something about your company. What you offer, who works there, what your mission and vision are. And maybe how long you’ve been around. However?

Does your ‘About Us’ page look like this? Then you’re doing it wrong!

An ‘About Us’ page is not about you or your company!

An ‘about us’ page belongs to one of the four most important pages on your website.

Visitors who visit the about us page of Internet Marketing Convenience are already interested. They are only curious about ‘the guy behind the tent.’

Use your ‘about us’ page to reassure doubters. Show them that you are the right match for them. Tell them what makes you unique, what your passion is, and who is behind the company.

Make it clear to your visitors why they should choose you.

Read on and discover 8 steps that are guaranteed to make you’re about us page successful. Let’s continue reading to know about the importance of the about us page!

8 Steps for good About Us Page

So even though we call it the “About Us” page, a good “About Us” page is not about us. A good “About Us” page links the information about the company to the interests and needs of the customer.

How do you do that?

When visitors visit your “About Us” page, they do it for a reason. They still have some questions, and they want to know if your company is the company that best fits their question/need. In short, your visitor is still in doubt.

It’s your job to convince the doubters.

Immerse yourself in your customers. Which questions are frequently asked, and which company characteristics can convince a doubting customer?

Make it clear who is behind the company. What are the motivations and core values? Write from your passion and heart for your business. Ask your customers why they chose you.

What makes you different and better compared to the competition? Could you write in the I or we form? The third person is appropriate at lectures or funerals, not on your “About Us” page.

If your business is casual or likes humor, show it clearly on your “About Us” page. Let the page be a reflection of your company’s personality!

Often “About Us” pages are filled with woolly language. Expert, cheap, customer-friendly, etc. Be meaningful that have no value without facts.

Prove your arguments with facts!

Are you the cheapest, most knowledgeable, or most reliable? Prove it!

Always process your achieved successes. Have you earned a certain quality mark, achieved a good customer satisfaction score, or has your customer base doubled? Use these facts to give value to your arguments.

Every company has its flaws. And that’s okay. In fact, every disadvantage has its advantage!

Are you a small business? Then you are flexible.

Don’t have an office (yet)? Then you work in a company etc.

if you are confused about writing an about us page? Try not to list all your products or services, but describe your methods and working methods.

Explain to your visitor how you work and what it means if they choose you. In addition, indicate from which locations you work and what your distinctive character is.

As a freelancer, you want to be taken seriously. Many freelancers choose to make their company appear bigger than it actually is. Why actually?

I understand very well that you want to be accepted for “true.” After all, you are serious about your profession. But is a large company important for that?

Small businesses also have their advantages. Small businesses, for example, are often more flexible, intimate, and innovative. Something some clients may be looking for.

So you really don’t have to pretend otherwise. Be honest, transparent, and above all yourself.

When people come to your “About Us” page, they are curious about who is behind the company.

The text you show on the “About Us” page is important, but don’t forget the visual elements.

Post photos of yourself and your team. Think carefully about your appearance. Can your company be characterized more as informal? Then don’t take a picture with a tie.

Be yourself. Put on the clothes you would normally wear for an acquisition interview.

Conversion is the most important thing there is. After all, you want to turn every visitor into a customer.

The layout of your website is becoming an increasingly important part of your website. If your website does not radiate the professionalism it should, you are making it very difficult for yourself.

Conclusion: Importance of About us page

The “About Us” page is the perfect way to present yourself. Don’t be afraid to tell us about yourself, your staff or your company. The smoother you make the first meeting, the more reliable you come across.

Give short and bonding answers to the questions who, what, where, why, and how. And remember… your “About Us” page is never “really” finished! That’s the importance of the about us page. I hope you have got an idea about how to write an about us page.

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