Do you know how to write a blog article? What should you write your blog about, where do you get inspiration from and how do you ensure that your blog is read?
This article will give you all the information on how to get topics that will not only bring visitors but also customers.

You will learn how to make every blog findable online on Google and which writing techniques make your blog extra fascinating, exciting, and inspiring. You will discover which mistakes are often made and how you can prevent them and as a bonus you will receive three steps to remove the most spelling and grammar mistakes.

Ready to write your first blog?

How to write a blog post? Let’s start

Blogging doesn’t have to be difficult. You as an entrepreneur know your market, you know what is going on, what the changes are, and where the needs lie. Map out these needs and questions.

The questions your customers have are immediately beautiful topics for your blog.

Still, having trouble finding inspiration for your blog?

Then read on. I’ll show you a few simple ways to get to an infinite number of topics.

Before I show you these ways, I want to overcome one more obstacle that many people have who start blogging.

Write about all the knowledge you have

How do you view topics, which techniques or strategies do you apply and what knowledge can you share to help your customers or visitors further?

You have knowledge that others do not, share this knowledge.

If you do not worry that you share too much, your customer does not want to make an investment or outsource something, then this choice has already been made. He/she has chosen to learn it himself. And in my opinion, he can find the information better with you than with your competitor.


If you are really willing to share all your knowledge you will be richly rewarded for it. Believe me, giving your knowledge away for free will generate extra turnover.

How to write a blog article? Not convinced yet?

Why blogging is good for your business, according to research:

  • 61% of consumers have ever bought something through a blog article
  • 77% of internet users read blog articles
  • 70% of consumers would rather get to know a company through FREE information than through advertisements

Companies that blog actively receive an average of 80% more visitors to their website and generate an average of 126% more leads.


Good, let’s start right away.

Find the right topics for your blog

To give your blogs the right value, you will have to respond to the needs of your customers. Your product or service responds to people’s needs.

View your product or service and ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who buys my product, or who could buy my product?
  • What situation should someone be in before buying my product/service?
  • How does my product/service help the customer?
  • What does someone do if he does not buy my product or service?

Imagine you are a painter:

• Who buys my product?

People who own a house, boat, garage, office or anything that can be painted.

• What situation are my customers in?

People are just moving. Someone has the budget so wants to outsource it. Someone does not have time to do it themselves etc.

• How does my service help?

My department takes work off your hands, ensures that the paintwork is delivered tightly and professionally, etc.

• What does someone do if he does not buy my product or service?

Sanding, masking, painting, lacquering, staining, etc.

What are the fun blog topics?

  • What should you pay attention to if you have just moved?
  • How the right paint protects your boat against damage
  • Do you determine the colors for your new home?
  • How does the sales value increase through the right painting
  • When painting with a brush is the best option.
  • When painting with a roller does a better job.
  • All the differences between paint that you didn’t know yet.
  • The secret to brushing or roller painting.
  • X Tips for professionally masking your window frame

Do you have no inspiration yourself or have you run out of writing material?

To get inspiration for your blogs, you can use Google Alerts, RSS feeds from others in your niche, forums, or advice sites. Sparring or brainstorming with others can also lead to good ideas.

If you do not have a colleague at your disposal, use online channels, such as LinkedIn groups. And if you are of course a web user member, you can always ask your questions to other web contractors.

When you have the time, make an overview of blog ideas and supplement it when you have a creative day. If you lack inspiration for a while, your overview offers the answer. How to write a blog article?

If you have enough inspiration for your (first) blog, it is important that you know how to make your blog findable online.

Make your blog findable online with the right (search) words

You have just mapped out the needs of your visitors and should have already had some ideas for your blog. Now you will have to write this blog.

I will explain how you write your blog later in this article. I want to talk to you about the keywords first.

Keywords are very important. These are the words that every internet user uses to end up on your blog.

Although internet marketers have learned to look mainly at the number of searches per month, I want to take a different approach.

Good keyword research provides an almost unfair advantage.

In your internet marketing strategy, you will have to distinguish certain segments of your website. Each segment needs a different strategy and therefore different keywords.

If we look at your blog, this is the information segment where you make the first contact with your customers.

The searches associated with this segment are therefore about information. So your question is, how do my customers search for information?

To find out, you will have to do small keyword research. Then process your keywords in your content strategy.

How do you find the right keywords for your blog?

View forums, advice sites, and the searches in Google via the keyword planner. Process your found keywords in an overview.

Once you have made an overview, you can estimate the level of your customers.

Which words do they already know, which words should I explain and which words are they looking for?

If you notice that professional jargon is still unknown to your target group, spend separate articles on it. Create a kind of dictionary, as it were, so that you don’t have to dwell on every definition over and over again. Think of it as a kind of Wikipedia.

If you have enough inspiration for your blog and know how important keywords are for your online findability, it is time to discover the most important facet of your blog.

The most important facet of your blog

An important facet of your blog is the way in which you address your visitors. The manner of addressing depends on the purpose. What do you want to achieve with your blog and how do you want to position yourself in the market?

Do you want people to take action, do you want to teach them something or do you want to be seen as an expert in your field?

Addressing your visitors the right way creates a bond and makes your articles a pleasure to read. Write your blogs as if your visitors were right in front of you. Talk to them, ask questions, make them curious and name their benefits, learning points or possibilities. But more about that in the next cup.

Why you write the best blogs in the pub?

Writing your blog in the pub?

Okay, not literally.

Too bad isn’t it?

But now imagine that you are sitting in the pub or having a coffee with a good friend. How do you talk?

Listening to someone who speaks is a lot more attractive than listening to someone who reads a text. How did that happen?

By your Dutch primary school teacher.

Since childhood, we are bound by the strict rules of spelling and grammar.

Because of that sweet Dutch teacher, we suddenly seem to speak a different language as soon as we communicate via our keyboard.

We think we should use expensive words. We must neatly follow all the rules of spelling and grammar and our knowledge and professionalism only really emerge when we manage to get the most difficult sentences and most expensive words on paper.

A pity, because you can immediately make your blog inspiring and more attractive by writing the way you talk.

Pretend you’re telling a story to a friend. The tone of your articles makes the difference here.

In general, a casual style with a touch of yourself and some humor will work best. But here too, stay with yourself.

If you feel more comfortable talking to your visitors with you, do so. The most important thing about your blog is the value you give. Not the length, not the style, not the pictures…. but the value!

This way you give your blog extra value

Which visitors will read your blog, and why?

Whether it’s a new Google update or sharing my nagging about writing new blogs, I determine the angle before I start writing my blog.

Try to imagine who your readers will be, which people will appreciate the article the most, and on which channels your article will soon be published.

Put yourself in the position of your reader and highlight your message from that angle.

Think about how to keep the attention, what obstacles people have, what tips you have to help them and how you can best convey the information.

If you are going to explain something in your article, write it from the point of view of your visitors. What terms do they know/use? Which points should you pay more attention to? How do you keep the attention?

Retaining the attention of your visitors is one of the most important and most difficult points in writing your blog.

In the SEO text writing training, we practice this using various writing techniques. One of those writing techniques is, for example, the use of cliffhangers.

Cliff hangers?

The ‘I’m going to tell you something, but don’t tell you everything yet’ writing technique.

“Ludo and Janine get back together?”

“Is Rick really dying?”

In other words, the cliffhangers from Good Times Bad Times.

In addition to keeping the attention of your visitors, you can only write really good blogs if you also keep the attention yourself.

The most common mistake when writing your blog …

How to write a blog article? When you start writing a blog, keep your goal in mind and only fill your article with information that serves the purpose.

Note, this sounds simpler than it is.

Because of your passion and extensive knowledge, you will notice that once you have been blogging for a while, your articles get longer and longer. Where you used to scrape text together, now you suddenly start scrapping.

If you find yourself starting to digress in your article, write down the topic and write a separate article about it. Keep in mind that your attendees are lazy.

Your visitor is hunting for information and wants to take it in as quickly as possible. If he really wanted to know everything about the subject, he would have gone to the library.

Try not to elaborate too much and keep the topic of your blog in mind.

How to write a blog article? Write your blog without your biggest addiction

Are you addicted to the comma too?

Then it is time to kick the habit.

Nothing is more annoying than lengthy sentences that could have been many times shorter.

And you better leave those expensive words behind. You prove nothing with it, and your visitors will really no longer appreciate your text. On the contrary.

In your communication, use short sentences that are easy for everyone to follow. Keep in mind that your blog is read online. This reads very differently than from paper.

Your visitors are LAZY – This is how you make your blog attractive

How to write a blog article? I already mentioned it, your visitors are lazy. You have most likely scanned this article. You’ve read some headings, picked this one, or even started reading from the first line. By dividing the article into paragraphs and headings, I let you decide for yourself what you do and especially NOT want to read.

For example, many visitors will scan the page, pick up some information and leave.

Add this to your blog and turn your visitors into loyal fans

Whether you’re taking inspiration from a documentary, video, or article you’ve seen, give each article a touch of yourself.

Make it clear in articles who you are and what your view on the subject is. More personality creates a bond. While being politically correct may seem appealing, your opinion should be heard.

By daring to express your opinion and by sharing your own experiences and tips, you are not one of the many, but the expert.

Look at it like this.

Would you rather read this blog from someone who wrote it based on what others have written about it, or do you find it interesting to get tips from someone who has his feet in the clay?

Your experiences, opinions, and tips are the personal touches that make your blog so interesting and ensures that visitors become loyal fans.

Therefore, always go all out and avoid the most dangerous button on your keyboard.

How do you do that? How to write a blog article?

Write your blog like your grandmother used to do

In most cases, I write my articles nice and old-fashioned, with pen and paper (and nowadays with my ReMarkable). The advantage of this way of writing is the lack of the most dangerous button on your keyboard.

The backspace.

By writing with pen and paper I avoid ending up with writer’s block. Writer’s block is one of the biggest frustrations for writers and bloggers.

With writer’s block, you have a blockage and you will not get anything meaningful on paper.

Writer’s block is often caused by repeatedly deleting and rewriting pieces of text. You get frustrated and slam.

From now on, write your articles in one go and enjoy the moments when you are bursting with inspiration and leave that keyboard alone for a while.

If you have completely written out your articles, it is time to start editing.

How do you edit every blog, even if you are not a language guru?

How to write a blog article? When you write a blog, your brain automatically switches to story mode. This model ensures that you make sentences. Because there is actually a small delay between what is in your head and what action you perform, you can skip words.

Your brain will not pick up these words quickly at first. The story you just wrote is still so fresh in your mind that it is not noticeable that you have mistyped words <a href=”/language-webtexts/”> accidentally </a> or completely skipped it.

In fact. Our brain is perfectly capable of understanding incomprehensible words. Test it yourself:

What do I do at the end of the day when I have my atrkeels? I leave the ball holes for a few days

Let your brand new blog mature for a few more days.

Then read it again carefully.

If you stumble over words or don’t like sentences running, adjust it.

Read the article out loud several times.

Does everything read nicely, is the essence clear, and are the links correct?

Then check the spelling.

I received this tip from someone a while. Read your articles from back to front. In other words, as in Arabic, from right to left.

By reading from right to left you avoid reading about mistakes. As soon as your brain sees a context, it will create connections and read over mistakes. If you then take the words out of context, your brain is focused on the word and not the context.

For articles on the internet, it is very important that you think about the layout. Make your blog exciting by showing some words in bold, italics, or underlined and supplement your content with images, mp3 files, and videos. Watch out with underlining. Your visitors shouldn’t think it’s a link?

Post your blog

If you have gone through the 3 steps and still do not dare to post your blog with a good feeling, check your network to see if someone can read your article and check for errors.

Is your first blog ready to be posted? Then check whether you have optimized it properly for Google, post it online, and share it on social media. Are you unable to get to the top of Google with your blog? Then do the SEO check.

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