Do you know how to increase landing page conversion rate? Are you getting few customers through your website?

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In this article, you will discover how to direct your visitors’ behavior, grabbing 80.3% of all attention, what the neuroscience about buying behavior shows, and how to send visitors to the buy button.

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How to increase landing page conversion rate? 5 tips

Research shows that people, especially when they are in a hurry, make choices more quickly based on visual preference than purchasing needs.

This means that your visitors will think less about their personal preferences and base their choice more on what stands out visually.

This advantage becomes stronger when one is more distracted and is especially strong when a person does not have a strong preference between different options.

This way, you can make a big difference in the oh so rushed online world with small graphic adjustments on your website.

How Makelaarsland increased its conversion rate by 89%?

Makelaarsland has cleverly increased its conversions without changing the text.

Nothing else was changed on the page. Only the picture was different.

For example, changing the image has resulted in almost twice as many people signing up. You can imagine the effect this has had on their sales.

In summary?

Use the right images to increase your conversions. There are countless websites on the internet to download images for free; give them a try.

Grab 69% of all watch time

Several studies have shown that most of your visitors’ attention is on the left side of your website. Use this side of your website to show the most important information.

Visitors spend twice as much time on the left side of a webpage:

  • The left half of the screen: 69% of the viewing time
  • The right half of the screen: 30% of the viewing time


Use the F-Pattern and see your conversions increase

So many studies have been done, and every study shows that website visitors read a text in an F pattern.

Visitors scan a text and only read what they find interesting.

There is a good chance that you have already skipped several blocks of text in this article in search of interesting information.

As you can see in the picture, the first 2 to 3 paragraphs are read carefully. Then one scans down until one reads a few paragraphs again and then proceeds to scan again.

To help your visitors scan your pages, you can use headings, titles, images, and bullet points.

Make sure it remains manageable for your visitor and use catchy titles.

Watch out for banner blindness.

How to increase landing page conversion rate?

When we had to enter the internet with a deafening noise, we were not yet used to advertisements.

Nowadays, you are thrown to death with it, and you have become, as it were, blind to it.

This banner blindness will initially not cause any direct damage besides losing advertising revenue.

Banner blindness only becomes dangerous when the links aren’t ads at all.

Send them to the buy button with images.

Images can play an important role in increasing your conversion. This makes a visual representation of a product more attractive. But images have even more functions.

A good photo plays on the emotion and directs the behavior of your visitors.

As soon as we see someone display a certain behavior, there is a good chance that we copy this behavior. For example, think of yawning people. Or pointing upwards in the middle of the city. Everyone has experienced it at some point. You copy someone else’s behavior without being aware of it.

Copying behavior is a powerful tool on a website. This way, you can direct the behavior of your visitor by pointing your eyes. Just look at the example we have applied for one of the Web participants.

See how we subtly use an example of a woman applying for a job and who happens to look at the buy button.

Now it’s your turn.

Ready to increase your conversions?

Today you got some tips to increase your conversions. Now I’m curious what you will try first.

Let us know which action you are going to try and also share your results. Make sure that you keep a close eye on the behavior of your visitors with Google Analytics. If you put one of these tips into practice, you will want to know how and why it has affected your conversions.

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