It is no secret for the people who know me; I love smart goal Google Analytics. Not so much about the program, but about all the data and especially the actions you can get from it for your marketing.

Which channel brings you the best traffic? Which campaign does generate not only visitors but also real customers?

Is that euro in Google Adwords or Facebook really well spent?

Like me, millions of marketers use this free program from Google to make strategic choices, not on gut feeling but data.

I have to admit, learning google analytics and really understanding the data is hard, especially if you are new.

Although I have saved years with my gut feeling, I cannot reach clients for Internet Marketing Gemak with…

“Well, it just feels right.”

I had to have dates.

Real numbers.

I discovered that smart goal Google Analytics would give me all the data. The moment of enthusiastic login was soon over because of a totally overwhelming feeling of all the links, figures, graphs, and statistics.

Where should I look?

Where should I click?

How the hell does Google Analytics work?

After years of using Google Analytics, I know how to get the right data. It still amazes me regularly what data you can’t get to the surface.

As much fun as so much data is, how do you ensure that you can find your way around?

I will save you staring at it for hours and staring at a screen full of data. You will not even find and use 80% of all the data that you can get from Google Analytics at first.

I explain how smart goal Google Analytics works and take you step-by-step. You discover:

  • How to get the right data from Google Analytics in just a few minutes
  • What each report within Google Analytics means
  • How you don’t spend hours, but minutes
  • 3 powerful tips to uncover even “hidden” data

Ready to get the most out of Google Analytics?

Let’s start!

Before you start with Google Analytics

Before you start with smart goal Google Analytics, you must ask yourself a few questions. What do you want to achieve? Well! What goals have you set with the marketing campaigns you do? What data do you want to get from Analytics?

By asking yourself the right questions first, you avoid spending hours staring at the Analytics dashboard. Staring at countless data without actually knowing exactly what you are doing.

It’s not that hard to get lost in Analytics and make mistakes that you could have easily prevented. Therefore, make sure you first know which data you want to surface.

Believe me; Google Analytics has the answer to almost any question you can ask about the behavior of visitors on your website.

You need to know where to look.

And that is what this article is about.

Do you prefer to use Google Analytics as a marketing advisor, and do you want to know how to arrive at the right data quickly?

What is Google Analytics, and how does it work?

Google Analytics is a service provided by Google to collect statistics and data from a website and display them in detail.

You can view data via Google Analytics about your visitors’ behavior, the number, where they come from, and much more.

Analytics aims to give you a clear picture of, among other things, visitor flows, traffic sources, and page views. With Google Analytics, you can manage better. Monitor the success of campaigns, stop in time campaigns that are not profitable, and discover how you can optimize your website based on facts and figures.

Like most Google services, you don’t pay with euros but with data.

By letting Google collect data about your website, Google learns and collects more and more information to remain the best search engine in the world.

The 5 reports of Smart Goal Google Analytics + explanation

Google Analytics works with reports. Subreports can be found within these reports. There are 5 reports within Google Analytics. Each report shows different data.

The 5 reports within smart goal Google Analytics are:

  • real-time
  • Target audience
  • Acquisition
  • Behavior
  • Conversions

Real-time reports – instantly aware of all your visitors

Within the real-time report form, you will find all current data. It’s the report that shows real-time (what’s happening now) numbers. If you are curious about what is happening on your website right now, you have to go to the real-time reports.

Audience reports – all information about your visitors

Are you curious from which province or place your visitors come, whether they use their mobile or tablet, or how you are doing with your website compared to your competitors? Then the target group reports will give you all the information you are looking for.

Acquisition reports – All insights into marketing campaigns and visitor channels

Where do most visitors come from? How are your advertising campaigns on Google or Facebook going? Are your social media campaigns really worth your time? Do you want to know everything about how your website is doing on the internet, where your visitors come from, how they behave per channel, and which visitor channel generates the most revenue? Then view the Acquisition reports.

Behavior reports – The information about the behavior of your visitors

Of course, you want to know how visitors use your website. Discover within the behavioral reports which pages on your website perform best, how long people stay on your website, which pages cost you unnecessary turnover, and start free experiments.

Conversion reports – All about results

A conversion is the desired result. Do you want your visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, buy your product, register, or stay on your website for x number of minutes? They are all conversions.

You can keep your finger on the pulse with the conversion reports. You see how many goals you have achieved in a certain period, what percentage of your visitors do what you want them to do and which pages on your website cause you to miss sales.

Curious why you are not yet getting customers via your website, there is a good chance that you will find the answer via the conversion reports of Google Analytics.

How to get the most out of Smart Goal Google Analytics without getting lost….

Google Analytics is a great program that goes in-depth, with almost any number or statistic you can think of.

And best of all?

It is free.


When you’re just starting, you’ll have to get used to it. It may be a bit confusing at first. It took me years to master Analytics, but now that I’ve used it for a while, I know all the ins and outs.

I guarantee that you will get more out of Google Analytics by watching the video than what you are doing now.

Although there is one important thing, you should know…

If you misuse Analytics, it consumes more of your time than the pleasant coffee lady at the office or the wonderful crowds on the A2 during rush hour.

Google Analytics should not ask for more of your time than necessary. If you want to make Analytics your job, well, then follow all courses and spend enough time to discover all the ins and outs. Read countless blogs, watch all youtube videos and keep practicing.

Do you prefer to use Google Analytics as a marketing advisor, and do you want to know how to arrive at the right data quickly?

Isn’t it about you becoming the newest Google Analytics guru, knowing all the technology behind it, but do you want to quickly discover why you are not getting customers through your website, whether your marketing budget is really being spent well and what every visitor to your website does?

Then don’t make the mistake I made…

Of course, you can take in-depth studies or courses. But besides the fact that it often costs you a lot of money, it costs something much more expensive…

Your time.

Do you have any questions, a good tip, or an experience you want to share?

Let us hear from you.

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