Want to know about email newsletter best practices? To this day, sending newsletters via email marketing is an effective way to keep your supporters informed of the latest developments.

Your time is worth money. Do you put this into writing a newsletter? Very nice if you then also open and read it. You can easily and quickly measure the success of your newsletter based on the open rate.

Read on and increase the average open rate of your newsletter based on 4 practical pieces of advice and email newsletter best practices.

This is what the open rate of your emails shows you

A high open rate percentage. It sounds nice, but what does it actually say? The percentage can be compared to a CTR and is a measure to indicate to what extent the recipients open your sent emails. The exact formula to get the percentage is as follows:

Unique email open rate = uniquely opened emails / (emails sent – bounced emails)

There is a good chance that 1 of your relations will open the newsletter more than once. Using the above set-up based on the unique open rate, you always have a fair picture and prevent your percentage from becoming obscure.

The average open rate of a newsletter is 20%. Figures that we were not satisfied with. Are you ready to follow our lead?

Keep updating your newsletter list continuously.

A large constituency has not been built up 1,2,3, and this requires the necessary patience. Who also tells you that all registered email addresses will remain in use all these years?

That is why the first piece of email newsletter best practice is: Keep your list up-to-date and tidy it up regularly.

Almost every email marketing provider shows you who hasn’t opened your messages for a long time and how many of your emails are bouncing immediately. Delete these contacts from your list to make your results as relevant as possible.

Do you pay via your provider by e-mail sent? Pay extra attention to this to outsmart unnecessary costs in the future.

A segment to focus your email marketing

Do you delve into multiple topics on your website? Unfortunately, it is unrealistic that all your visitors will be interested in detail in everything you write about.

How do you turn this to your advantage? Divide, segment, and dish your visitors only for what they actually want to see.

What is the point of submitting to someone newsletters full of SEO or social media tips when he or she has only downloaded a google analytics manual?

Always adjust your mailing list to the displayed behavior of each visitor to ensure that the open rate of your newsletter is as high as possible.

Test and optimize for an optimal open rate percentage

Anyone looking for the golden tip in online marketing for guaranteed success always and everywhere will be disappointed time and again.

After all, guarantees can never be given. The real key to success? Email newsletter best practices? Personalize every email, get started, test and optimize your newsletter based on your findings.

The parts to tinker with?

Tighten the time of shipment. What works for your supporters? Friday morning or Wednesday morning?

View the transmission frequency. Do you choose every week, or is 1x per month more effective?

Play with the subject rule, for example, by choosing a positive or negative approach and present the results as specific and exact as possible.

During your experiences, use A / B testing to find out which setup is most effective. By continuing to test, you will discover the success formula that suits your audience.

What works for us does not guarantee that it will work for you. Never go blind behind this and go all out for the one thing you can always build on the numbers!

One learns by doing. Always make the figures transparent, test them, and above all, learn from them.

Show consistency and make it personal.

Do you speak consistently with relevant topics and consistently hear from you? Then there is a good chance that you will create more and more fans who will be surprised if you fail to update. Make every message personal to strengthen the mutual bond and to stay ahead of the crowd.

Find out for yourself how you feel when you receive a message without people having taken the trouble to find out who they are actually sending it to?

Showing consistency can be interpreted in several ways. Think of writing consistently about specific subjects/themes or choosing a fixed time for sending.

By tackling relevant topics repeatedly, you not only ensure that people hang on to your every word, but as soon as this week’s post has been read, people are already looking forward to your next post. As a result, the open rate percentage, especially on the day of shipment, is rising spectacularly.

Send your newsletter based on the behavior you get back from your audience. This way, you prevent people from receiving irrelevant, incorrect messages with a higher appreciation for your newsletter as a result. Take the tips to heart and look for your personal success formula. Do you need additional online marketing advice after these tips? Then contact us today.

Enough talking, time for action!

Off you go, good luck!

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